pontiac owner owners manual

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Another factor was the incorrectly listed three-quart oil capacity; the actual oil capacity.5 quarts, but a misprint on the dipstick and in the owner's manual resulted in owners using only three quarts, any leakage or manual of love 2005 consumption would allow the oil level to decline over.
Matchbox and Majorette also released Fiero models during the car's heyday.
It is advised that End User review and strictly adhere to these Cautions.Osceola, WI: Motorbooks International Publishers."Pontiac Crash-Test Results, Pontiac Safety Information, Pontiac Insurance Data, nhtsa, ncap, iihs, Bonneville, Montana, Vibe, GTO, Firebird, Aztec, Fiero, LeMans, Trans Am, Grand Prix, Grand Am, Sunfire, Transport, Sunbird, 6000, 2000".Certain vehicles also had their connecting rods or entire block replaced.A total of 370,168 Fieros were produced over the relatively short production run of five years; by comparison, 163,000.A.8 L (170 cu in) V6 engine rated at 140 hp (100 kW) and 170 lbft (230 Nm) was put into the car, satisfying most critics of the base engine."Pontiac Division Release" (Press release).2 Redesigned headlight motors appeared in 1987.The oil would catch fire when it contacted the exhaust manifold or hot exhaust components.The Fiero Sport Coupe, also referred to as the "base car came with the M-19 four-speed manual with.81 top gear along with.10:1 differential, giving it better acceleration at the cost of fuel economy, 42/26 mpg.
The rear suspension is essentially a GM X-car's (Chevrolet Citation, Oldsmobile Omega and Pontiac Phoenix) manual da camera digital olympus d-390 front suspension moved to the rear of the Fiero.

In an effort to sell the car as economically sensible, GM equipped and sold the Fiero as a commuter car; although the marketing build-up leading to initial release indicated anything but a regular commuter.Thus yielding a larger, engine compartment with the ride-quality benefits of the 1988 suspension.Click here to view 1955 Oldsmobile Owner's Manual.Though originally conceived by Pontiac insiders as a new model, possibly called the "GTP" or "GTU it has been said that GM management at the time felt that using "GTP" or "GTU" suggested a racing car and thus an image they did not want.The most significant was a completely redesigned suspension (and parts of the space frame) to realize the potential of the mid-engine layout.Some engines developed cracks in the block that would leak coolant and/or oil, sometimes accompanied by broken head bolts directly above the crack.With the 1988 model year came a completely new front and rear suspension with vented disc brakes at all four corners- what Pontiac's engineers had planned for the car to have from the beginning.Hot Wheels released a 1984 Fiero 2M4 under many paint schemes.Bad press and consumer sentiment frequently cited heavy media coverage of Fiero engine fires, as well as the poor reliability and performance of the models.Click here to view the 1940 Oldsmobile Service Manual.The four-cylinder engine received an in-pan oil filter element and balance shaft.