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Since the film was implicitly referencing Ellis Island clerks who "Americanized" immigrant names they had trouble pronouncing this was probably intentional.
There is an attorney named Dumas McPhail.
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Harry won, but the officials decided they wanted a different name.
It's a childish word, but it still left him as "solemn-butt".

The town was named because according to some historical texts, an army which lost a battle ran into the town and because of their fear, they "shit their pants" according to this article on Cracked.18:09 By Rob Fahey Launch title exclusive.So did Cartoon Network with.Actually, it means 'butt' in the US, too.He gets to share a laugh with one Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III over each other's names.They made national news after their mother and father threw a fit over being refused a birthday cake for young Adolf.It's like his parents were ashamed major league baseball 2k11 patch crack of their last name and just figured they would completely humiliate their son.18:16 By Rob Fahey Apparently he's not going to talk sales figures, which is nice of him.(Yes, "Dickey Nutt".) Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, but at least he doesn't live in Great Britain.And as Norway is abbreviated NO, we get Hell.