pool heat pump installation manual

Verify after a few minutes that the lcg jukebox 2.18 keygen air exhausted by the heat pump is becoming cooler.
Ph 7,0 7,8 Free chlorine (mg/l) 0,5 1,5 TAC (mg/l) TAC ( F) Salt (g/l) 8 important: failure to keep the swimming pool water between above limits will void the warranty note: when the concentration of one or more products mentioned above becomes too high.
Check your local regulations.
All feeding of chemicals to the pool water has to be done downstream of the heat pump.Solution: the unit will start as soon as the ambient temperature reaches.Do not put it close to garden plants; they could block the intake of fresh air.Both should always be powered together.9/14.4 Control The ECO heat pumps are designed and constructed to provide long performance life when installed and operated properly under normal conditions.You should clean the pool/spa filter regularly to avoid damage to the unit as a result of the dirty or clogged filter.The heat exchanger in the unit will not be damaged by frost but the remaining water in the piping can become ice.
Inspect the system for any debris or structural problems.

Quiet operation The unit comprises an efficient rotary compressor and a low-noise fan motor, which guarantees its quiet operation.Attention: Please follow these steps when installing the heat pump:.When the set temperature is reached, the unit just shuts off.The flow bar also represents the three-minute time delay before the actual start of the unit.6/14.6 Electrical connection Important Although the heat pump is electrically isolated from the swimming pool installation, this only prohibits electrical current to or from the swimming pool water.If the water stops running out of the base pan, it is condensation water.
No one is authorized to make any other warranties on our behalf.
Failure to comply with these recommendations will void warranty.