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The inside of the Rhino in GTA San Andreas.
The Rhino may get its name from a World War II era German tank destroyer, the Nashorn, the name being German for 'rhinoceros'.
Also, damage caused to other vehicles is determined by the amount of force actually used in the tank: aqualink one touch owners manual slight touches only push other vehicles, harder hits causes a vehicle smoke or set in on fire, and the hardest hits instantly destroys a vehicle.M: "I'm not going to beat around the bush.While its top speed is average, it has very low acceleration, mainly due to its rather huge mass.In GTA Online, the Mugger is able to pull someone out of the Rhino and drive away with no difficulty.The truth is it's spectacular.A similar oversight is present in weaponized aircraft, as they also use standard rockets instead of the corresponding rocket/missile they have.Welcome to Los Santos.A cutting edge and uncompromising film, Sunday Driver is an evolution of the Rockstar brand into film.There is a wrecked Rhino, along with several wrecks, scattered directly east of Humane Labs and Research.April 29, 2005 Check out the latest issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer for some of the first previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Xbox and PC, respectively.When this happens, large amounts of smoke coming out the back engine and beeping is a sign that the Rhino is losing power.One should note there is always a civilian Patriot next to the tank, which possibly be meant to represent a Humvee.S_M_Y_Marine_03 S_M_Y_Marine_01 Population Group Names GTA V Army For the tank in early games, see Tank.All the player needs to do is exit their vehicle or approach a occupied Rhino on foot, which will prompt the Rhino's driver to get out.
The only way to get out the Rhino is to suicide or reload a save file, but no damage is dealt on the player.

This is incorrect, as the driver and/or cab will occupy the tread's zone and the last will be passing through.Can be purchased for 3,000,000 from Warstock Cache Carry in single player.On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide.The driver opens a hatch and sits in one of the sides of the tank, where the treads pass under the main body panels.Also, modern tanks have what is known as the "NBC" or Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical filtration system.It's the defining piece of software for Sony's successful sophomore system, and it's almost impossible to imagine a PlayStation 2 library without.
However, its front end does bear some resemblance to that of the 6-wheeled M93 Fox reconassaince vehicle, and the sides belong to the design of the Panhard ERC.