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Almost all the characters in the Queen's Gate side-story novels are based in historical or literary characters like Alice, Dorothy, Lewis, Leonidas and many others.
Cerebus Rollercoaster : The franchise is notorious from switching from having Fanservice antics in few episodes to best fashion designing software a darker narrative later, just to return to the status quo in the next episode.
Queen's Gate (Novels) : Alice managed to destroy both Faye Wright, Arunikuf and his whole cult, but her mother, Lewis, is still missing when she crack wifi wpa password backtrack 5 was dragged in the Queen's Gate dimensional door, and now, Alice must find her mother, this time alone, much.
Belly Dancer : Menace herself could qualify, but her various servants shown in flashbacks and in her rebuilt Amara in the OVA definitely.Alternate Continuity - The anime series, the gamebooks, the manga adaptations, and the Spiral Chaos games take place in different continuities, with many of the main events taking place in different fashion.Character design-wise, she resembles Luna Child, one of the Three Mischievous Fairies, from the Touhou Project shoot'em up series, and also the female Archers from the Disgaea videogames series.Sequel Hook : The ending of the anime version of Rebellion is an obvious hook for a fourth season.Bleached Underpants : Most of the hired Hobby Japan artists and designers were/are Hentai artists, notable examples being Oda Non and Koume Keito.
Lost Worlds let two players duel by exchanging books that represented different characters, with illustrations representing each action you could take.

It is unknown if the gauntlet makes her stronger but it seems that the gauntlet helps her carry her battle axe easily in battle.The entire Continent has fallen under a tyrannical rule led by Claudette, the Thundercloud Queen.At least Dorothy managed to kiss her for once.Translation Convention : It's heavely implied during all the series that none of the Western characters (Leina, Elina, Nowa, etc.) speaks Japanese at all and they speak a language based in glyphs (Althrough new halo game for pc it's implied in Rebellion to be English, with a different, alien typography.She uses her marketing skills to sell cheap knock-offs of Leina's blade.Ragtag Bunch of Misfits : While this is normally averted in the TV series for obvious reasons (except during the final battles from both seasons it's played straight in the Spiral Chaos games: Including the TV series along, we have five princesses (Leina, her sisters.Muscles Are Meaningless : Averted with Cattleya and Risty, who least on a raw strength level, far outclass most of the fighters.Hand-or-Object Underwear : Alleyne covers up herself beneath her (skimpy) outfit with a fig leaf.Alcohol-Induced Idiocy : Happens in the Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos game: After many of the playable cast are reunited at the half of the game, the girls (Excluding Nowa, Ymir, Rana, Cute and Jean because they're underage or underage-looking) decides to throw a party with.Slasher Smile : Melona Spell My Name with an "S" : Until the official website for the anime spelled things out in English, some characters didn't quite have a lock on their names.
The entire cast appears as special guests in the Japanese online game Arc Sign.
Ymir is the daughter of the Steel King and inherited 50 years ago the management of the iron and steel sector.