quilled borders and motifs pdf

You will need: Quilling tool, quilling paper, glue, once you have the lego heavy weapons pdf supplies you are ready to quill.
Take your time, and be patient.
Clip art borders, frames and scrapbook divider graphics - borders add organization and embellishment to scrapbook layouts, writing papers, desktop publishing layouts, web pages and greeting cards.
Begin to turn the quilling tool slowly so that the paper wraps around it tightly.Pick up your basic coil, and pinch it together to form a point at one end.Teardrop, the teardrop is a very useful shape.Judy Cardinal provides a wealth of inspirational ideas for quilled borders and motifs which you can use to embellish picture frames, greetings cards, gift tags, envelopes and virtually any item you can think.Half Circle, it's easy to create a half circle shape, which can add dimension to your projects.More Quilling Patterns and Projects, there are hundreds of sites with quilling instructions on the Internet.

To make a teardrop, you start with a finished basic coil.Secure the coils with glue.When the craft traveled to the American colonies it began to be called "quilling." Although it fell out of favor for many years, it has been rediscovered by a new generation of crafters.You have finished one basic coil.Here are some sites you may find helpful: With these basic quilling instructions, you can make a variety of crafts and decorations for homemade cards, scrapbooks, and even pictures to hang on the wall.The end of the paper should barely be sticking out the other side.You can use it for flower petals, designs, and to create other advanced shapes.Turn the tool over, and let the coil drop off the tip.
Of course, you will want to make different shapes for your crafts.
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