real estate policy and procedures manual

The cost of this manual is what you should be paid for about an hour of your time, and there is simply no way you could make up a manual this complete in an hour!
Help to set the company's operating philosophy in areas such as hard work, ethical conduct and service to the firm's clients and customers.
It's so much easier to modify an existing manual!We include a disk to be used with most of the popular word processing software which makes modification simple.The manual is thorough and concise, with procedures for over 80 different subject areas.More Details, the Policies and Procedures Manual has been designed to be a guide for the preparation of your office Policies and Procedures Manual.It is a living document, and we have made it easy for you to make any changes as your company grows.8 1/2" by 11" Loose-leaf Binder for easy customization, so you can add and remove sheets easily.Good systems for working with owners, tenants, and vendors are critical to your success.Are likely to be different from office to office.You can rest assured that youve communicated critical information to them and provided them with easy to use reference manuals.You can modify it to meet your company's operating style!Much of the manual can be used as is with no modification.
Do you need an office policy manual, but don't know where to start?
A well-designed policy manual will: help to recruit the best sales associates.

back to real estate books.Many items, such as commission schedules, smoking policies, etc.Help you achieve your company's objectives by communicating clearly to your staff how you want things done.Help you and your sales staff solve problems by providing fairness and predictability.Prospective sales associates can see that your firm is well-organized.We have included several formats from which to choose so that implementing the manual will be easier.OR Property Management Systems for Owners, Tenants, Vendors, 140 As a property manager, you manage relationships as well as properties!There's also a few sample pages.Many brokers who consider the hourly value of their time can't justify taking the time to write a policies manual from scratch.
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