road rash motorbike game

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You'll need to watch out for the police too as they try to knock you off your bike and fine you, therefore you have to start that race again.
Your Vote : /10.Play Road Rash Pro Challenge, vote: Did you like this game?.96 with 477 votes.Conclusion, there is quite a challenge here to get through this game.You also need to watch out for things like signs, people, trees, posts, sand and oil and a load of other hitman 3 game for pc stuff that will bring you off your bike.Control one of four different monkeys in balls as they roll around obstacle courses.Road Rash is a well known motorbike racing game, which sees you racing for the top 3 positions.Well, nearly but what's missing is the other riders interaction of having a go at thumping you.Pokemon Ruby Version, pOKÉMON ruby and Sapphire take place in an all-new region known as Hoenn.Replay Value, scores, with different bikes to buy and a password save system, you know you can race one or sevral tracks, note down your code and the next time you play it you will have all your money, the bike, level and track that.
These get longer and longer as you win more races.

Well the Master System version has all those lovely rolling hills and counrtyside to ride on and the effect is very good with nice use of colour and smooth animation too.Average : -/10 (1 vote artificial Intelligence Performance, your Vote : /10.All that fun in the Mega Drive version is here.Mini Metro Racers, road Racing, penalty Shot Challenge, formula Off-Road, road Bandits Fury, rodent Road Rage, lamborghini Racing Challenge.Average : -/10 (1 vote).Select your bike, get ready and race against other bikers.Mario Kart Super Circuit, mario is back, and he's brought all of his friends.Average : -/10 (1 vote landscape/Scenery Quality, your Vote : /10.Metroid Fusion, utility software pc windows 7 games the famed Metroid series makes its return on the Game Boy Advance with Metroid Fusion.Sound Music, well here's some more good news, the music is a good representaion of the original's music, minus a few sampled speech.
Choose to play as any of the aforementioned characters as you speed around classic and.