rotwk unofficial patch 2.02 v3.6.1

Aragorn: - added an additional recruit voice sound.
To further unpack the details of this patch, development took an interesting turn in unlocking much of the game's "epic-ness".While the wait was longer than initially planned, we have managed to develop quite a large patch (even larger than the successful.0.0).Transport ships now grant 10 resources each six seconds.Dire Wolves: - un-upgraded slash armor reduced to 145 (from 140 - upgraded slash armor reduced to 110 (from 105).Balrog's Whip siege attack now has a 50 scalar.Builder now has a new passive ability that triples his vision radius.Added recruit voice sounds for Isengard Orc Laborers.Marketplace: - Grand Harvest resource bonus increased to 15 (from 12).Treebeard: - added additional recruit voice sounds; bell expressvu 9242 manual pdf - added an additional attack voice sound.Ithilien Hills: new 4v4 map by MauHuR.added additional voice sounds for the Hearth upgrade - added additional voice sounds for the Men of Dale and Axe Thrower upgrades.Lurtz: - added an additional select battle voice sound; - added an additional voice sound for the Cripple Strike ability.

Slaughterhouse tooltip now indicates that orcs can be decommissioned for additional experience.Added additional recruit voice sounds for Uruk Crossbowmen.Neutral Changes - Lair Spiderlings: - health increased to 250 (from 150 - damage increased to 40 (from 10).Gates of Moria: added reverb.Bugfixes - The Balrog will no longer lose health when using the Breathe Fire ability whilst standing on fire.Men of Dale: - Black Arrows ability range service manual for 1992 toyota camry increased to 430 (from 280 - Black Arrows auto ability feature can now be activated.The AI will now use the Mordor Catapult Skulls Launch ability.
Lorien Warriors: - added additional charge attack voice sounds; - added an additional "move to trees" voice sound; - added an addtional retreat voice sound; - added an additional select battle voice sound.