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Soccer Shoes S-9soc.50 Quantity : Soccer Outfit Soccer Ball (shoes sold separately) C-128b.50 Quantity : Cutest "Scrubs" Perfect for 18" dolls A very cute outfit to dress the boy or girl doll in and pretend they are a doctor. .
The bag will come in either brown or burgundy depending on my kindle books to ipad stock.
Pin the center of elastic to the center front.
The boy's outfit is reduced as it does not include a tank top. .Now, its a good idea to make another muslin and test this pattern before you cut into the good fabric, but any adjustments should be minor.Starting on the back side, pass the needle through your fabric and bring it to the front.The Tuxedo jacket is quite detailed and has long tails in the back and is short in the front. .Repeat with the front dart on the front pattern piece.Because trying to pin back darts on yourself results in getting stuck with pins.Join the So Sew Easy weekly newsletter.

No need for a tailoror grandmas sewing machine.You should give it around 5-6 full loops in total.In the front, youll need to do the same thing, except the curve will be your tummy instead of your butt.Beautiful Wedding Dress C-625.00 Quantity : So far, I have only seen the Baseball outfit below fit on our 18" Rowdie Boy dolls Baseball Slugger Outfit Blue Only This is a great outfit for the Rowdie Boys or a thinner doll like Magic Attic.I usually set the stitch on 4-5 in width and.5-2 in length.More Musical Instruments on the Accessories Sew Cute Webpage Bomber Jacket C-404.00 Quantity : Electric Guitar A-97.50 Quantity : Cowboy or Cowgirl Outfit This 4 piece outfit includes a Western Shirt, Blue Jeans, Brown Vest with faux rhinestones and Matching Jodhpurs. .