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Sometimes this Magic Number theory starts to sound like hocus pocus like this excerpt from.
It is assumed that theres only one team, which Ive called Customer Success, which does both customer support and customer success.
Many SaaS companies have different teams for the two functions; if youre one of them you can adjust the plan accordingly.Regarding the cash impact of expenses, the model assumes that: payroll taxes are paid monthly bonuses are paid yearly lego indiana jones the original adventures manual (except for the sales team) sales team bonuses are paid quarterly (since bonuses/commissions play a much stronger role in sales compared to other departments) The model.Dedicated to your (positive NPV) profits, David Worrell.You can change the key assumptions such as your organic growth rate and your conversion rates in the grey area on the left. Call a fuse Finance CFO today!For Enterprise customers, the model assumes pricing increases at the time of renewal but not during the term of the subscription.Our prices and terms are subject to change without notice.This is a free NPV model for a SaaS business and Ill be happy to help you adapt it to suit your business.Whats Included, the model includes the following tabs to drive the forecast.A solid planning of CAC payback times, CAC/LTV ratios etc.Take the change in subscription revenue between two quarters, annualize it (multiply by four and divide the result by the sales and marketing spend for the earlier of the two quarters. .Fill those cells with your own data and assumptions.Fortunately ChartMogul (a Point Nine portfolio company, sorry for the plug) makes it super easy to drill down into all of your MRR movements.
Inputs by department to model non-headcount expenses.

The rows with the Thereof bonuses label contain matrix formulas.The original v1 model was a very simple plan for early-stage SaaS startups with a low-touch sales model.The model assumes that youre getting signups organically and via paid marketing and that youre converting a percentage of them into Basic customers and Pro customers.Finally, I pushed the button and released my first SaaS Financial Model in Excel.The spreadsheet shows the impact.g.A good NPV model is the only way to know the true value of your SaaS business.Like anyone building a software product, it is hard to stop adding features or checking for bugs.
The model doesnt take into account interest or taxes (except for payroll taxes).
What is not working?