sony cdx-gt550ui manual espaгol

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Now don't go mar the sheet metal just yet. .
If you don't mind having a look yourself, see if the unit is correctly grounded. .
Hopefully you enjoy some kind of exchange policy where you bought it (i wouldn't presume you bought it from CF, but if so you're covered).If it won't, you need to ground it directly to a metal chassis path to ground.Are you in love with this Sony? .Simplemente haga clic en el botón Descargar para acceder a las instrucciones.I'm pretty sure it's Nissans that have the "dummy ground" connection that actually goes to nowhere. .Therealsmoney, what would a standard antenna cost?Stranger things have happened. .Dependiendo del tamaño del pdf, la descarga puede tardar un minuto.Accueil Equipos Hi-Fi Radio de coche sony CDX-GT550UI, se encuentra en la página de descarga del manual de usuario para la sony CDX-GT550UI.You'll know for sure if you disconnect the antenna and attempt to power. .It's still possible you have a defective unit. .Haga clic en el botón "Descargar" para iniciar la descarga del manual de sony CDX-GT550UI.Usted debe tener un software lector de PDF en su computadora para ver el manual, si este no es el caso, se encuentra a continuación para instalar servicios públicos en función de su sistema operativo.

The antenna cable itself ends up being used as the ground. .A su derecha, encontrará todos los idiomas disponibles para este manual.If my factory tuner had been excellent, i might have kept.Would I be capable of installation?But it was pretty bad. .Even good installers miss. .If the ground check doesn't work, you should at least consider trying a different receiver before adding a 33in antenna. .
Usted puede encontrar todos los idiomas disponibles se indica en el manual de su dispositivo.
Consulte el manual de Conexiones/Instalaci n adjunto para.