s&s shorty e carb manual

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Since the shovelhead came into existence in 1966, single weight 50 was all that was used.
SCR, thermal protecter, SCR, rectifier,.TH pipe, AIR intake 108687 assy, carriage,NON-ROT, PIN,72" tube, RD,alum.625.Intermediate cover 130388 housing, rear axle 130389 differential, front axle 13039 switch, GE,direct./acellerator potentiometer, DIR/accel.Heater, intake AIR cumins.Tappets consist of a tappet body with a small hole in the side that admits oil to the lifters.(rear) 21830P reservoir, hydraulc,weld-paint 21832 NUT, weld 1/ CO2 tank.Many thanks to Rod Tiner, one of the best damn engine tuners around and a true MoPar LA small block engine nut.Terminalstritrip, 8 poesistor 820HM 12wres-1002 C night by elie wiesel full book GA/7 cond boom cableceptacle nema L6-306eceptacle twistlock 50owerlite retaining rinunction BOX W/wireda C47192 T ROD Z 3/8-16X10' C CAM lock connectoeeder stuale woodhead pluonnector romex 3/4 C connector, strain relieox, junc,light TWR,4 conam, door handle, RL4000 C handle, T-type.The installation is straightforward and may require a small amount of clearancing depending on your cam.
We decided that we could use the bench to help me figure out how the CV carb maintained its flow velocity since we could observe the slides movement cinergy t usb xe software easily.

A good source is "Split Second" who can be found on the Web and sell racing engine tuning devices.Moral OF story: If you install an electronic ignition system on a bike that previously was running points you should replace the ignition switch with an "electronic" ignition switch.Hose, AIR intake,2.625"IDX2.50" 27221 weldment, trunnion slide 272231 support, jack stand FOR TF 27225 wear PAD, trunnion,2 X 2 S wear PAD, fixed 8.5 S wear PAD retainer weldment 27230 flatbar, wear PAD CAP 27240 PIN, plat rotator pivot 27242 adapter, O-ring,.Z45/22 GP RT 21808 leveling jack assy,16 tuvsuva 2181 CO2 tank.Less batt 17602 threaded ROD 1/2-13 9" 17614 seal KIT 17626 screw, 09 fox racing shox owner's manual FHM,10-32.Screw, HHC,5/16-18.Assy, battery stabilizr W/decal 106323 cover assy Z45/UAF GRD side 106324 cover assy Z45/UAF ENG side 106329 106352 decal, label,ALC board decal, label,ALC board P forming, weld UNT painted 106355 word decal KIT, Z34IC symbol decal KIT, Z34IC bracket, cable track, moving END 106363.BX-1150 fork frame / quick attach /.