star wars the force unleashed v.1.2 crack

Easy "It Burns!" achievement Immediately after learning the Jedi Mind Trick force power on the first level, simply throw 15 enemies into the red force fields to get the "It Burns!" achievement.
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed.Sith Acolyte costume, enter "haazen" as a code to unlock the Sith Acolyte costume.Enter "holodroid" as a code to unlock the Sith Training Droid costume.Use a rubber band on your controller to force your character to always run.There's a save point here, so you can use a rubber band to hold down the character movement analog stick and create a perpetually running, and dying Starkiller.Terror Trooper - Earn the Silver medal in the "Terror Trial" Challenge.Shattered (10 points Shatter 10 enemies frozen in carbonite.Rewards for Series Veterans: If you have a save on your hard drive from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (I you will unlock two costumes in TFU2: Sith Stalker Armor and Training Gear.The second hidden Holocron can be found when you see the big rock to the left of your path.Saber Guard: Get a Silver medal in the "Cloning Spire Trial" challenge.Top of the World (10 points Reach the top of the Spire without falling once.Unlimited dead motif xs keys full concert grand galaxy dx Force Points: In the first level, when you have to run away from the gun ship, when you stop you will die instantly - and gain some Force Points.But there are two other hidden in this world.

One with the Force (30 points Complete Endor without dying Sith Kicker (10 points Drop kick 10 Ewoks.Jedi Master (50 points Complete the game on Hard difficulty.General Kota costume, enter "rahm" as a code to unlock the General Kota costume.Then you'll see holocron.Escape from Kamino (20 points Escape Kamino in Vader's TIE Advanced.Sith Training Droid costume.First one: When you reach the big tree with two eyes with a short cave to get inside.Rookie (30 points Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Bronze medal in each.Crack the Sky (20 points Destroy the Star Destroyer.Force Repulse, enter "marek" as a code to unlock Force Repulse.Destroy the three machines in the room and the Holocron for the costume will appear from the Jabba hologram.
Use the Force, Luke (20 points Complete any combat level using only Force Powers.