starfleet command patch 1.03

Some other systems/weapons have been altered back to their normal damage levels to compensate for this.
A) If your game version.00.01, vega 4-string banjo manual get the ugs nx tutorial avi s following patch file.
80) A bug in determining the EW Shift of ECM and eccm was fixed.
124) Specs File - fixed several minor errors (cloaking cost for Klingon D5Y, shield strength for listening posts and other units).If you own a laptop, please check with the manufacturer of your laptop for updated drivers.There is no known official fix for this problem, since its cause has not been determined.33) Tractor defense is properly disabled after being destroyed.These would be your best resources for solving the disc recognition issue that plagues many Windows XP users.This was necesary to reduce a major ammount of lag in the game.A 4 ECM will give a 2 shift now.Here is a link to a site where the gentleman claims to have a fix for this problem (about halfway down the page ml He also claims, however, that you can get the fix from us by calling technical support; this is not the case.Shuttle and missile prices have been adjusted.116) The Hydran DWH has found the dual hellbore icons it was missing.94) Fixes to the sound code that reduce stuttering.Basic supply items can no longer be sold back for extra prestige.Sincerely, Homer Parker IV Interplay Technical Support Also Taldren's own CEO, Erik Bethke, gave me his support concerning the SFC 1 game.3) Nuclear Space Mines do 35 points of damage.8) Non-overloaded Photon Torpedoes do their full damage at close range.SFC XP Missing CD Fix SFC Gamespy Arcade Registry Entry to allow for Multi-Player games in Gamespy Arcade If your game seems laggy, then lower the game resolution to 1280x1024 pr even 800x600, if the game is already running that resolution.

13) Download and install the correct patch from below.45) Taking an AI ship to Spacedock in multiplayer works properly.99) Ships will continue to move after attempting to use non-existant Wild Weasel shuttle.84) You can set the speed of multiplayer games over Mplayer.69) Dynaverse campaigns have improved mission selection logic.31) Multiplayer scripts now initialize properly.I have repackaged the.03 patch zip files for the original Starfleet Command into a self installing EXE file.125) Capturing Listening Posts - no longer causes a crash due to spec file change.Here is his posted message.37) At the end of a mission, shuttles and fighters outside the ship are no longer lost.
For a version.01.00 CD, please use.01-1.021 and.021-1.03 patches.
If for some reason anyone with authority contacts you, send them.