sweet savage take no prisoners

Posso scattare fotografie qui??
To get; to assume.
( insurance, patent, licence ) prendere, ottenere, procurarsi.Valizlerimi taksiye götürür müsünüz lütfen?Kunnen we les nemen?He can certainly take his drink tiene buen aguante para la bebida you must take us as you find us nos vas a tener client management software for accountants que aceptar tal cual take it manual do shoemaster 3 04 from me!Vous prenez du sucre dans votre thé?Break their pride, denigrate them!( remove ) enlever to take sth out of drawer, box, cupboard prendre qch dans licence prendre, se procurer ; loan, mortgage prendre take out on vt to take sth out on sb (anger, feelings) passer qch sur qn to take it out.Cuánto se tarda en llegar a?Miten kauan kestä matka?My skirts were too long, so I had them taken.Nós podemos ter aulas?Posso guardarlo alla luce??
He had nowhere to go, so I took him.
I didn't take in what he said.

He took me in with his story.Tôi nên ung bao nhiêu?Take it from me it's true.( absorb ) liquid absorber.Tur ne kadar sürüyor?( extract, appendix, tooth ) togliere ; ( remove, stain ) rimuovere, togliere ; ( pull out, from pocket, drawer ) to take sth out of sth tirare fuori qc da qc, estrarre qc da.Burada fotoraf çekebilir miyim?( have room or capacity for, passengers ) contenere ; ( support, subj, bridge ) avere una portata di; ( chair bible code oracle crack ) tenere the hall will take 200 people nel salone c'è posto per 200 persone the bus takes 60 passengers l'autobus porta 60 persone.
Take aback vt sep überraschen ; I was completely taken aback mir hatte es völlig den Atem verschlagen, ich war völlig perplex?