tektronix 2465b user manual

Good points on the fan replacement though.
The aluminium of the case is really quite soft. .Wilko, bummer, that poor thing, glad it works.quot; from: rf-loop on November 04, 2011, 11:19:17.The only problem i found is that the triggering source switch does not always work.Also if FAN go bad it can go to martin english mongolian dictionary thermal owerload.
It is the same as the 2467, except that the 2465 uses a conventional CRT while the 2467 uses a micro-channel plate CRT.

quot; from: slburris on November 06, 2011, 02:33:51.When case is closed and airflow ballance no cd crack sims 3 generations work normally it keep it fully inside accepted temperature area.If you have better explanation, I will glad to hear that.Ah well, it is back to its glorious self again. .In the world you can find hundreds of defected Tektronix oscilloscopes just as burned hybrids and IC:s just becouse user do not care or "self learned service man" do not know how to handle these as professionals do who are specialised to make brocade silkworm 3800 user guide repair work.On top of that, the seller includes an instructional CD, Tektronix 2465B manual, and a 90-day guarantee on parts, labor, and shipping costs.The 2465 is from the penultimate generation of analog Tektronix scopes.