teraterm for mac os x

Author : Andrzej Gajewski xero coder Cross Platform IDE for Grid Computing xero coder is a cross-platform development IDE which provides a Visual RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and mobile operating systems.
Mac OS.6 and later (all versions).TeraTerm 0) (0 pC).Djpdv - Software for cashier djpdv is an application to use in sales cashiers, that was developed to cater all commercial establishments that seeking a practical solution, reliable and that, above all, is on accordance with all legal specifications.You can import and export to Gedcom.CentOS/RedHat/Fedora: Install telnet with yum yum install telnet, other msoft media player serial unix like variants: See your package manager for details.The more the icon is filled, the stronger is your power.
Instant run (without saving, script-like).

TreePad Lite for Linux TreePad Lite for Linux is a freeware personal information manager, which supports Unicode, is fully portable, and does not need to be installed.It helped to develop a theoretical foundation for integrative physiology of thyrotropic feedback and to design clinical trials.It offers source code analysis, links to related projects, search on tags, etc.FPC trunk with a stable Lazarus).Diacrit was first written in Turbo Pascal for Windows back in 1996, migrated to Delphi, and now upgraded to FP/Lazarus.Works with devices with RS-232 serial ports like: other PCs with RS-232 ports, Bluetooth serial adapters, PDAs, GPS recievers, routers, firewalls, modems, printers, embedded character displays, scan tools, sonar units, embedded boards, etc.
It comes in handy to any developer who works with MsSQL, Oracle, MySql, Sqlite,Firebird and PostgreSql.
Coedit Coedit is a small, open-source, cross-platform IDE for the D language.