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Standard black keep case, a keep case or poly-box is a type of packaging, most commonly used with.
8 9 10 Physical dimensions edit Case edit The height and width of a (closed) keep case are fixed at 190mm and 135mm, respectively.
Empty cases and do-it-yourself edit In addition to the industrial usages reported above, 15 copy crack dvd empty keep cases are available at retail stores, which can serve for instance as a replacement for broken cases or for DVDs containing personal video recordings or data.An elaborate pseudoscientific sham.The center "Pluck-Hubs" are designed to keep a disc in place while shipping, but can be too tight for normal home use.7 Types of hubs edit The structural differences between a CD yamaha htr 5730 service manual and a DVD have led many manufacturers to study different hub designs for keeping the DVD (or the DVDs, in multi-disc cases) in place: unlike CDs, which are made from one layer of plastic.In the days before video games were released on optical media, cartridges would rarely come packaged in specially designed plastic keep cases with lugs inside to hold the instruction manual, as opposed to pressboard boxes.Before the standard, commonly used DVD case was invented, early CD-ROM based video games such.Labriola, Don (June 22, 2004).This gives 273mm 183mm as resulting maximum overall dimensions for the printout (which is less than the 297mm 210mm of an A4 paper sheet).

Besides, dVD-Video films, keep cases are very common with most video games since the.The individual cases are color-coded, with blue being used for Blu-ray and red for HD DVD, and the format displayed prominently on a stripe above the cover art.Or is it nothing more than an elaborate pseudoscientific sham?TDK and Infiniti, also sell recordable DVDs individually packed in keep cases.Archived from the original (PDF).But is there any proof behind the DSM?Sega Genesis games would come in a plastic keep case (roughly the size of a VHS case but were later packaged in pressboard boxes, as a cost-cutting measure.The vast majority.As a result, a DVD hub is weaker than a CD's, and may be damaged if stored in a case which is designed for CDs only.
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However, the dimensions of the cases are somewhat different, about 19 mm shorter.