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Katie Clarke "It's Cue Club 2.Improved table decals and texturing, enhanced membership cards, minor corrections to Italian and Spanish text.Match info screen now shows game type and total number of frames.Various bug fixes, refinements and optimisations.Game has nine computer opponents with different levels of difficulty.Only one ball and a one pocket should be chosen (called) each turn.Game, rate: 82 out of 100, price: 1995.I can literally lose hours at the table.Peter Watson "Plenty of customization on offer.I'm delighted the sequel has finally arrived.

The new features like extra characters, colored chalk, and the save game option are a really nice touch.Default venue cracking wpa2 psk with reaver option (match settings menu).Added support for DirectInput game controllers with Windows.Loads of cues, ballsets and table designs to choose from.Xendo "What I love about Cue Club 2 is not just the amazing gameplay, but the way it relaxes.Sound effects are authentic and the addition of quality music is a nice touch and really adds atmosphere.I expect to lose a lot of hours at work playing this!".Get it - you won't regret.Physics feel good and the balls behave exactly as they should.
As in Nin Ball, a first ball touched by cue ball should have lowest number.
Game usually consists of odd number several sets, and winner is the one, who won bigger number of sets.