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Easy to read, thoroughly amusing, and thought-provoking, this title will appeal to teens who like their humor offbeat and irreverent.
With references to Judeo-Christian beliefs and the Greek pantheon, Rosoff uses humor, pathos and human development in supposing a virtual dj pro 7 & serial crack 2012 hormonal adolescent is at the center of creation.
And the wonderfully bonkers world Rosoff has created, provide much more of the interest than Bob and Lucys relationship.And that is a much a part of his charm, as its one of his faults.The only person still trying to make things run smoothly, while occasionally answering the odd prayer, is Mr B, Bob's anxious and over-worked private secretary.Bob showed flashes of brilliance during Creation, but he feels little responsibility for the planet.What I Was, Rosoffs third novel, was short-listed for the 2008 cilip Carnegie Medal.But, for all I liked about There is No God (and there was lots I did its the weakest of her books for me, there was nothing about it that I fell in love with, the characters (apart from maybe the Eck!) nor the plot.By spelling "god" backward as "dog" in her title, Rosoff signals to readers that the deity in her novel is not quite the all-wise and all-powerful supreme being of traditional religion.As such he cannot be relied on so that while he has indeed created an amazing world, he is hideously unable to manage.God was given a hard time recently in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, coming over as little more than a washed-up irrelevance.Loosely supervised by an exasperated paternal figure known.Kirkus Reviews, bad luck for Earth that the job of the Almighty went to a horny, indolent teenager named Bob whose mother, Mona, won it in a poker game.Unfortunately, whenever Bob falls in love, disaster follows.(Admittedly, making use of his godly powers.).This intelligent and at times angry satire works well until the last few pages, where too much happens too quickly.She finally finds someone more suitable the pokerist club cheat tool while Bob is packed off to another planet, Eck is saved and Mr B takes over as a much better God.Advertising, editorial Reviews, the Washington Post "Rosoff has a good time with her hunky, ne'r-do-well deity.".
Lucy is attracted to this tall stranger, whose deep-set eyes, normally "glazed over from too much sleep or self abuse now glow with intensity.
Irreverent and funny, this book is sure to put off those concerned about blasphemous ideas showing up in teen literature, but it earns its place among the sharpest-witted tours de force of recent memory.

Her previous novel with Penguin, There Is No Dog, received four starred reviews.There is no Dog is certainly no different.Her second novel, Just in Case, won the 2007 cilip Carnegie Medal and was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults.But nothing really matters for "skinny, arrogant, dimwit" Bob except satisfying his carnal desires when any mortal stirs up his lustful attention.The omniscient narration moves quickly, with plenty of wacky tangential details to amuse even the quirkiest readers.Its a sometimes sweet relationship, that both makes you want to cheer for it and yell at Lucy to run away as fast as she can.