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Because we Indians are not too good with the comprehension part and need to spend a good amount of time to practice the right reading samples.
So what do you do?Outside of bookwork and practice tests, there is a world filled with English-speaking folks who would help you get introduced to correct pronunciations, cool phrases, excellent idioms that can be used in your passages.Toefl iBT online preparation books.The most important way to raise your score is simply to get more English experience.Quality of explanations: C, skill building material: F, test strategy and advice:.That is, they try to convince you that the test is all strategy.Yes, joining an English club to get speaking practice is a good idea.The only real specific advice on how to approach specific question types is in the descriptions of each type, and its mostly limited to the obvious advice.You can find practice questions and other guides in millions of places, but going through them youll eventually realize they have all been made so poorly!Heres a link to download the, official Guide to toefl Test 4th Edition eBook teamviewer 7 setup file PDF form of the Official Guide to toefl test 4th edition: Official Guide to toefl Test 4th Edition eBook PDF.The best part of the explanations is the examples of high- and low-level speaking responses.But theres only one place you can get official practice, and thats from ETS.

This could include reading a huge number of books (huge number doesnt mean 10-20 books, it means no less than 60-70 conversing in English always, watching as many English movies and TV shows as you can with the subtitles on, practising grammar through books like.Writing style: B, included Practice Material, while it may have the best practice toefl questions, The Official Guide to the toefl offers a middling amount of material, really.Theres a much smaller numberonly a handful, reallyof places you can look for well made practice.Official Guide to toefl Test 4th Edition- What could be better than a complete guide to the very popular toefl, written by the people who make the test?None of them come in handy, nowadays.The included CD is a great resource.Via the, official Guide to toefl test, you can learn the skills of writing a beautiful passage combined with speaking and reading skills that are required during college level interaction and communication.You download the toefl iBT eBooks 4th Education 2015 or probably go for.There are more than a hundred real toefl test questions and essay topics.