tomos automatic a3 service manual

Taper.8mm15.3mm Keyslot.12W2H. .
Note: Inside of rim stamped: E-DOT-1.20 x 16"-DOT Italchercio 01/14 (New import batch date code). .
Standard length chrome plated blade-end levers12 each. .Suzuki clutch managing successful projects manual 2009 edition plate (fibre type). .1/4" ball nipple at gearbox end. .C/w diecast zinc in-line barrel nipple 4mm dia.5mm long on one end (just clip it off if you dont want to use it). .Probably the most effective and cleanest stuff you can treat your chain with! .Note: The Excelsior decompressor valves are notoriously prone to losing their operating levers, then you cant work them anymore. .Gurtner AR8, AR10, AR12, AR13 carb types. .12tjtf1445-12 / PBR 423-12.5.Narrow (9mm top width.Pierced spoke hole diameter.240.08mm. .M6 slotted-head panel nuts with knurled edge1 each.Big hole 23mm / small hole 12mm. .Raleigh pattern bracket (RH) bare. .4-ply rated to 94mph/150kph. .Suzuki CS50 80 Roadie, 1982-83.
Grey "HP oil 2" Push-in 33mm. .

Suzuki FR50, 70, 80, 1974-87.Selection of sizes and styles. .Filter with Strangler7 each.A good tyre, if you can just squeeze that extra " width into your mudguards!Black HP branded Push-in 30mm3.Mobylette brake shoe set for 70mm Atom hub, 7 pair.Pierce shows a pretty sharp burr toobut these are a very difficult and non-standard rim to source, and this is all we can offer. .Rims are, therefore, identified by removable sticker as front/brake side and rear/brake side for assembly purposes.