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Modeled after popular games such.
Once the player has collected the 5 obtainable cards in a set, the sixth card, a 'Prize Card is unlocked, and is usually better than all of the other cards in the set.
If the player answers correctly, power-ups will be available for use for the next question.
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What you should know about Trivia Machine app.Initially, the player starts with 2 cards, which allows the player to collect lives and a coin.Their Facebook-friend opponent can choose to accept or reject the game, and if they accept, game play continues normally until one of players obtains 6 characters or 25 rounds are completed.A heart icon on the app's main screen shows how many lives the player currently has, and if they have less than 3, a timer will also display that ticks down in real time to show how long until the next replenishment.The app's main screen will show the player which games are currently waiting for them to play their turn, which games are waiting for the other player to play their turn, finished games that the player won or lost, games awaiting a Facebook friend's approval.Freebies edit A game update introduced freebies, where the player can collect free coins, spins, lives, and gems.Each game will list the score, that is, how many characters the player has and how many their opponent has.Seasonal machines occasionally appear next to the three machines, and can be purchased at 1 Gem for the first card per day, then 5 Gems.2016 11:11 milann70 Trivia Crack 0.Varování, které ngerate 5, my doain lehce páí a viva!