uniden powermax 5.8 manual

It could be the phone or the wiring.
If the wiring problem is deeper inside the walls, you may want a professional.
To hang up, press end or return the handset to the base.
If there is nothing in the redial memory, you will hear a beep Muting a Call Using the Base: While on a call, press mute (You can now hear the caller, but the caller cannot hear you) Press mute again to return to your caller.When switching a call, all keys on the handset are disabled except talk/flash and spkr.To hang up, return the handset to the base, or press end on the handset.To enter a pause while dialing a number, such as dialing an international number, press redial/p Inbound Caller.D.Do not use any liquids or solvents.Call Waiting If you have call waiting service and a call waiting tone sounds while you are on a call, press talk on the handset or flash on the base.Then using a special tool push each strand fully into the appropriate slot (do not strip the strand insulation).Check the battery status on the LCD screen of the handset.Notes: To cancel the transfer, press transfer or the speaker button on the base.To diagnose the problem, I like to use an old corded phone.For indoor wiring issues, check any exposed wires for damage.Price subject to change.The pause key counts as one digit.To hang up, press the speaker button on the base.
Only telephone numbers are displayed, not names.
Otherwise, press or to move the pointer to select a Distinctive Ring Option ; when you have chosen the desired ring, press ch/select (Speed Dial appears in the display) Using Rocket Dial (allows you to dial one number with one key press) To store.

These phones are really not meant to be serviced by the user.Select the day and the time, and press the Select button after each setting to confirm.If the phone is bad and under warranty, contact Uniden.Appears in the display) Notes: When the memory is full, you will hear a beep and "Memory Full" will appear in the display.However, if you suspect another cordless phone is using the same security code, chevy manual flywheel 153 teeth you can change the code: Press and hold xfer/del for 10 seconds (a confirmation tone is heard and De-Register?During a 3-way conversation, all the base keys except the speaker button volume buttons and mute are disabled.
Appears in the display) Press to select Yes Press select/ch (a confirmation tone is heard and De-Registration Complete appears in the display) This phone uses the Uniden BT-446 battery.
Others will use a keystone jack.