use of null in sql

Oranges 3 3, plums, nULL, it would clearly be incorrect to manual do shoemaster 3 04 include a quantity of 0 for the plums record, because that would imply that we had no plums in inventory.
Personal geodatabases, for example, have functions named ucase and lcase that perform the same operation.
State_name 'Alabama this would select the features containing "Alabama" in a field named state_name.Often, database programmers will used the phrase "a null value but this is incorrect.Because you are selecting columns as a whole, you cannot restrict the select to return only some of the columns in the corresponding table because the select * syntax is hard-coded.SQL reference for query expressions used in ArcGIS.Null is not the empty string value. Working with null Values, the null value can be surprising until you get used.Query expressions use the general form that follows a Select * From Layer or dataset Where clause (for example, the part of the SQL expression that comes after select * from Layer_name where).This special treatment of null is why, in the previous section, it was necessary to determine which animals are no longer alive using death IS NOT null instead of death null.A lot of the confusion surrounding null centers around three-valued logic.For example, this expression would find Catherine Smith and Katherine Smith: owner_name like atherine smith the wildcards above work for any file-based data or ArcSDE geodatabase.Feedback on this topic?

The not equal ( ) operator can also be used when querying strings.For example, to find the countries with a population density of less than or equal to 25 people per square mile, you could use this expression: POP1990 / area 25 Operator precedence Expressions are evaluated according to standard operator precedence rules.Population96 IS null Alternatively, to find cities whose 1996 population has been entered, you can use population96 IS NOT null Searching numbers You can query numbers using the equal not equal ( greater than ( less than ( greater than or equal ( less than.Optionally, parentheses can be used for defining the order of operations in compound queries.For example, this expression would select all the New England states except Maine: SUB_region 'New England' AND NOT state_name 'Maine' Subqueries A subquery is a query nested within another query and is supported by geodatabase data sources only.A table can be designed to either allow null values or not.
ArcGIS dialog boxes in which you create SQL where clauses will help you use the correct syntax for the database you're querying.