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Add the command to the runspace's pipeline runspace.
Given that I am pretty new to manipulate the Powershell with c I have no idea how to use this awesome solution in my code.The application will be on a different server than the exchange's one.So I am asking your help.Edit, cast, see full cast edit.Company Credits, production Co: RCM Productions, see more show detailed company contact information on, iMDbPro ».
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So, to manipulate the data, I am using an "Exchange remote management session" created with c#.

Not really, like I said, the "Exchange remote management session" is very limited with the command, and "Import-Module" is not allowed.To access this command, I have to use some specific module like "ActiveDirectory".Exchange remote management session give access to simple powershell command like "New-Mailbox" and "Set-User" - This is good for simple task, but in my case, I have to do more complexe operations that will need some specific command that is not included in the default.So what we can do?WriteLine fail This code work great for simple task (like "New-Mailbox!The situation : I am trying to make an application (c#t) to manipulate user's on an exchange server.Basically, this is Guitar Hero without any challenge whatsoever.I read a lot about my problem, and the most "simple" (That I understand the theory) solution is something like : Start with a generic PS session, import the AD module, then connect to an Exchange management session and do an Import-PSSession and use implicit.Technical Specs, runtime: 3 derivative markets solution manual min, sound Mix: Mono (RCA color: Black and White, see full technical specs ».String runasUsername MarioKart 8 string runasPassword "MarioKart SecureString ssRunasPassword new SecureString foreach (char x in runasPassword) ssRunasPassword.
AppendChar(x PSCredential credentials new PSCredential(runasUsername, ssRunasPassword / Prepare the connection var connInfo new WSManConnectionInfo( new Uri MarioKart8Server credentials thenticationMechanism sic; ipCACheck true; ipCNCheck true; / Create the runspace where the command will be executed var runspace eateRunspace(connInfo / create the PowerShell command var command new.
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