warn sql warning 17110 sqlstate null

I look back in my notes and everything I wrote suggests I had entered "./oracle/product/." for my oracle_home.
I am in the tsstcorp ts-l632n firmware update last stages of installing Oracle Server 10gR2 Enterprise Edition on a unix AIX server.Received the value from the command line." Did I really key /oracle/oracle/ instead of /oracle/ or did the OUI change the path for some reason?Then found to be a way to solve this problem is in the.xml, in the url of the connection with autoReconnect true.The trans am owners manual reason is found through online inquiries: Tomcat server and MySQL server has lost connection.I have a linked server to a oracle db, that works.
Later joined null handler coalesce select use_id as lid, nitor_year '-' nitor_month as monitortime, decode(otope, '01 ' Indoor ' 02 ' outdoor biotopes, name as county, port_unit, coalesce(pmi1.hjs,0) hjs, coalesce(pmi1.xjs,0) xjs, coalesce(pmi1.hxs,0) hxs, coalesce(pmi1.hxjs,0) hxjs, coalesce(s,0) hms, coalesce(m,0) scm, coalesce(pmi1.qt,0) qt, (select orgcode from dual).

Recent project experience to write such a warning.Problems arise because the fundamental reason is that service to connect to the database no longer activities, as ineffective way to reconnect, you can try another way, that is, anti-idle.Br/ Any body can help me on this jdbcexceptionReporter SQL Warning: 17110, sqlstate: null br/ warn jdbcexceptionReporter Warning: execution completed with message will be occuring when we opening the jbpm context and releasing the gone through the jbpm API, and i found that hibernate not.On Nov 10, 10:57A0am, Alberto Marchi wrote: I have a linked server to a oracle db, that works.Are you an independent contractor working with SQL Server, Oracle, Analysis Server, MySQL, or Access?Configuration pool via c3p0 - property!- seconds -!- default: 0 - After modify the test to solve the problem).
Warn http-8088-2 (54) SQL Warning: 17110, sqlstate: null.
Warn http-8088-2 (55) Warning: execution completed, but the program can run properly with a warning, however.