when to change manual transmission fluid mazda 3

I place the stands on the factory jack points at the back of the pinch welds and under the front control arms.
Notes from John Bowling: After studying the above article I set about changing the lubes in my 2002 NB 6-speed manual transmission and differential.I would also add that if using a box wrench.It also says one plug is 23mm and the other 24mm.My latest is Redline MT-90.And there goes the old fluid.You do not have to take your tire off for this.I found an visa usb smart card reader gcr432 driver vista error in the How To that will hinder everyone who follows it if their transmissions are like mine.Once youve put in the specified amount of oil, double check the fill level to make sure its within specifications.The 3 on jack stands.The transmission is to the drivers side of the engine bay.It fits a Redline bottle perfectly and goes through a bottle pretty quick.The article says to use a ratchet and socket, but mine wouldn't fit between the transmission and the exhaust pipe.This was the best one of the batch.With the fill bolt still in, the oil will come out slow.
And lastly, I highly recommend a hand pump from an auto parts store for refilling with new fluid instead of the funnel, tube and helper method.
They're on the Driver's side of the transmission tucked in close to the exhaust pipe!

Below you will find the 2 pages in the FSM (Field Service Manual) that show the process of changing and/or checking your transmission fluid level.You might want a pump to get the fresh oil in instead of a funnel.The 6 speed manual transmission, introduced in 1999, has a couple variations to the fluid change procedure from the previous 5 speeds.You can cancel anytime.If you drain your transmission of fluid without removing your fill bolt first and you end up having trouble getting the fill bolt off, youre not going to be a happy camper because your car will be inoperable due to the fact that there would.If you want, go ahead and remove the fill bolt while the fluid is draining to speed things up a bit.Additionally, for the newbies like me, the plates under the car might look different than in the write.The magnet captures the little pieces of metal that grind off the gears.You need something like.1 quarts.Funnel 3-4 feet of vinyl tubing to fit the funnel.
WD-40, drain pan, jack with jack stands or ramps.
The splash guard is very flexible and can slide right over your wheel assembly.