wiikey and firmware 3.4

0814 Star Wars The Force Unleashed (fatal) Tested.3J with D2Ckey, WBB.
0866 Dokapon Kingdom (prominent) Tested.3J with D2Ckey, WBB.Now that you have everything you'll need to open your Nintendo Wii system, and install the.Guitar hero Aero Smith PAL (moment) Tested.2J with WBB and regionfrii 0760 We Love Golf (moment) Tested.2J with WBB 0815 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (espalwii) Tested.3J with WBB 0828 De blob (moment) Tested.2J with D2Ckey, WBB.0804 Active Life Outdoor Challenge (fatal) Tested.3J with D2Ckey, WBB.Patched with Wii Generic Patcher to remove error 001 and use WBB to remove update.1007 Sonic Unleashed (fatal) Tested.2J with D2Ckey, WBB.1147 Ultimate vice city stories for pc Shooting Collection (?) Tested.1J with D2C, WBB and Wiifrii.Menu and all audio are in Japanese.You can change the menu from Japanese to English in the option menu.1256 Rune Factory Frontier (prominent) Tested.2J with Wiikey.9s, WBB.Worked perfectly without bricking on a firmware.2J.OK with Freeload 0178 sega Superstars Tennis (Wiizard).2J WiiKey.9g 0179 Jumper (Wiizard) 0180 George of the Jungle (Wiizard).2Jwiikey1.9g 0181 Star Trek Conquest (sushi).2JWiikey1.9g 0182 CSI 4 Hard Evidence (moment).2Jwiikey1.9g,Freeze right after Nitendo logo.Wiifrii 1179 OneChanbara Bikini Samurai Squad (REV0) Tested.2J with Wiikey.9s, WBB.Download, you will be redirected and the file will be downloaded from an external source.0649 baroque (ZRY) Tested.2J with D2Ckey and WBB 0653 Emergency Mayhem (ZRY) Tested.2J Wiikey.9g without WBB 0654 Okami (ZRY) Tested.1J Wiikey.9g with WBB, must be patched with wglp/WiiFrii or game lock up with black screen on loading.1200 Dead Rising (WiiSOS) [email protected] Tested.2j with Wiikey.9g, WBB, Wiifrii.
Onboard status LEDs only SD features will work on D3-2 and D4 systems, not DVD.

Works.2J with D2Ckey with geckoOS.06d 0848 fifa 09 (WiiERD) Tested.2J with D2Ckey, WBB and regionfrii 0871 Boogie SuperStar Tested.2J with D2Ckey, WBB and Wiifrii.3b.Once installed between the motherboard and DVD drive, it allows the user to either emulate games as ISOs from removable storage media or use the WiiU in normal (passthrough) mode.Doesnt work if patched with WiiBrickBlocker / RegionFrii(Recognizes disc, locks up on load / Asks for update) 0077 Madden NFL 08 (prominent) Tested with firmware.2J and WiiBrickBlocker.(Independent) Tested.1J Wiikey.9g without WBB.3 0142 Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (syndicate) Tested.0J Wiikey with WBB.3, Patched with Wii Game Language Patcher(wglp)v2 using Auto patch an ntsc-U/PAL game (langen and ntscntsc-U) or Manual mode option 1EN 0143 Rayman Raving.Notes 0001, red Steel (paradox japanese menu, text and subtitles, English voice.0657 Mini Copter:Adventure Flight (ZRY) Tested.2J Wiikey.9s without WBB 0661 Summer Sports Paradise Island (apathy) Tested.2J Wiikey.9s with WBB, there will be a black screen at loading, press A to continue.NK Fast (ZRY) Tested.3J with D2Ckey, WBB.The installation diagrams (found below under the download link).Hardware AES engine, ultra-small size makes installation easy!
2 - Works.3J, D2Ckey, WBB and without WiiFrii (with WiiFrii do not recognize the disc).