winx club episode 11 season 2

Major Events The Winx discover the Undines.
Season 3 (2007) edit Main article: Winx Club (season 3) In this season, the Trix escape from their prison and bring back a new villain named Valtor, who has a special connection with Bloom's tragic past.
Flora then takes out a potion bottle and shows them that it can duplicate anything it is drips onto, meaning that they do not need the entire flower.
Nick created four one-hour specials to summarize seasons 1 and 2, and re-dubbed seasons 3 and.Flora finishes it off by completely dispelling it, lego indiana jones the original adventures manual removing the Red Willow and purifying the air.They all laugh at Stella's typical reaction.Bloom asks why they have not moved to another location and they explain that their survival depends on a plant called Xylith, which can only be found on that island.In 2010, Nickelodeon acquired the rights to localize the series across the United States.The bubble extends further enough to wake up looking for a manual car seater the birds and the others.Kalshara and her brother Brafilius plan to have all fairy animals as their own army.However, it will not be enough to sustain them since the plant cannot be grown in their soil.
Roxy plays a much more important role in this season, although she does not accompany the Winx on most missions as she doesn't have as much powers as the others.

Season 7 (2015) edit Main article: Winx Club (season 7) This season focuses on the rare and powerful fairy animals of the magic universe.Flora, answering Tecna's question Well, I promised Flora I was gonna help her and where I come from, promises are kept, alright?!The water nymphs then take them to their home, but because it was so small they could not invite them in, but they did inform them that their queen wished to meet them.The song Feels like Magic is heard at the end of the episode in the "Crystal Ball Video" segment of the 4Kids dub.Season 6 (2014) edit Main article: Winx Club (season 6) The Trix take over Cloud Tower and ally themselves with a new witch from Earth, Selina.Winx Club is an Italian animated series which premiered.The girls complained, aside from Bloom and.Stella thought she heard something but Tecna says she did not hear anything, it is then that Stella decided to average out the size of the creature by comparing their size to the water nymph sizes, compiling that it should be a medium size.August 28, 2004, the Monster and the Willow is the eleventh episode of the first season of, winx Club.