world of warcraft patch 6.1

Blizzard confirmed the major update's release date with a new trailer that also explores many of its features.
You can Tweet that.
Players will be able to access all of these experience-boosting items through an account-wide collection so they won't take up any bag space.
Garrison work orders can now be submitted in multiples - no more mad clicking!Garrison Updates, where do we start?You can add a Twitter account under the Social pane within the Interface menu.Use the /share command to Tweet screenshots, achievements, items, and more.They can hand out dungeon quests, raid quests, bounties or new Relic quests (which ultimately will reward you with Harrison Jones as a follower).The final type of visitor will allow you to trade either ore, herbs or fur in for Primal Spirits.Theres also a new item, the.E.L.F.I.E Camera, which you can use to take nonchalant pictures of your vain self.Players can also utilize new text tooltips to help them differentiate between best practice intermediate exam pdf item quality levels and character factions.
The rewards for these quests include gear, pets and crafting materials.

Theres a slew of new graphics options in the system menu, check them out to make Azeroth look even more pretty.Followers may now learn the Treasure Hunter trait, which increases the amount of gold rewarded from missions.25 February 2015, by, its patch day today sniper ghost warrior 2 multiplayer lan crack inside Blizzards World of Warcraft, and with it a flurry of new goodies.Twitter Integration, if youre a social media fanatic, then be prepared: you can now tweet from directly within World of Warcraft, about pretty much anything you fancy.I dont know about you, but my bank was teeming with unused Heirloom items that had long since outlived their usefulness.If youre raiding, just make sure to stay out of the damn fire!The faster the course is complete, the better the rewards.You can now unlock new profession-related missions by leveling a profession-related building to level.Model Updates: Blood Elves, back to Top, weve added new, higher resolution Blood Elf models that accurately depict their pride and intensity.