x3 reunion 2.0 nocd

Fully functional player equipment docks.
Swapped "Terran Supply Kobe" to "Goner Supply Ozias" so you can hire a TL in terran space now.
Custom Safe Jump AL that will put ships arriving through a gate at a safe distance.Forces your ship to execute a random jump out of it's current sector.This is a new region of space, new sectors are being discovered and linked to the rsat for win xp universe while you are playing.Download from Onedrive, as provided by Informer : Link.(Should fix the issue some people have had with half of the ship visually missing.) Added EQD script hooks to Pirate Bases so buying Cargobay Shielding etc.(Until we make a proper effect for.) Added command check for transport boarding using "launch all marines".Jun 11, 13:24; edited 4 times in total Idea Joined: Posts: 516 on topic Location: North Star Intergalactic Corporation(nsic) in sector 'Memorial of Light' Posted: Mon,.Lowered chances for MD / ID usage on npc ships.Dec 10, 11:29 Post subject: I don't post most but I just gotta say this.Not to mention the office coffee machine.(Thanks.) Added a fix for Statistics Center.UTorrent is one program, there are others as well.).If you see anything named Starforce there you are infected.

I recommend downloading the removal tool as soon as possible.Fixed some vanilla signal_attacked bugs which blocked subsequent calls.Example: Capital ship ECM was way too weak I Added Player Owned Shipyard fixes.Wait for the mod to install.D) The scene playing behind the main menu is different.However, I don't want to have version.0 come out in the middle of it, so if there's any inclination of it being out "relatively" soon, I don't want to start it until it comes out.
and on the difficulty level set in the XTC difficulty options.