xbox patch for battlefront 2

EE-4: Changed the dispersion angle from.5.75, reduced the end damage from 10 to 9, manuale canon eos 1d mark ii and starcraft 2 wings of liberty beta crack offline changed the damage falloff range from 20 to 10 meters.
Lando: Increased the damage dealt to heroes in Shocking Trap from 90 to 100.
General bug fixes were also implemented such as minor UI issues.
Now a kill assist will only give score.The next DLC is the Death Star battle and that will be out this September.Texts: Added the trait descriptions for Lando Calrissian, Dengar, Nien Nunb.Dengar: If an enemy soldier is hit by a grenade and standing still, he will no longer be immobilized.The new patch should be available for everyone on July 21st.Team balance: Resolved a bug in which a team could be split and no auto partner assigned if the server had a low player count.Lighting problems and art update on the Rogue One: Scarif maps have been adjusted.RelbyV10: Changed weapon sway from.8.5 and the amount its increased by from.2.1.Text: Resolved various spelling issues, spacing, missing commas etc.This sums up the highlights driver gamepad 3 turbo of the.Lando X8: Increased the start damage fall distance from 25 to 40 meters and end damage fall distance from 50 to 70 meters.Weapon Star Cards: Shock Grenade: Slight decrease to bounce speed multiplier and increase to explosion delay to prevent grenade from detonating in air after bounce.Dengar: Regular enemies that are under the effect of the Bacta Bomb will instantly die from the Hurricane Strike ability.
Cloud Car: Lowered damage multiplier against Cloud Cars with blasters and Ion Neutralizer Disruption: Changed the penalty time from 2 to 1 second.
Luke/Vader: Enemy soldiers will now always die from lightsaber swings even when under the Bacta Bomb effect.

DT-12: Increased the fire rate from 220 to 250.Bespin: Updated various locations where objects werent correctly placed next to each other creating breaks on the maps.Full patch notes can be seen below. They intend to fish out (hopefully) all the spammers and fake accounts that are registered in the game.The patch notes for the.12 update detail a lot of alterations and tweaks.Partner: Spawning is disabled on partners if an enemy is within 10 meters, changed from 2 meters.Partner: Increased the spawning checks made on partner from 2 seconds to 1 second in order to more accurately determine if you are able to spawn or not.Boba Fett: Flamethrower outer damage distance has been increased from.5.75 meters and the outer damage angle from 25 to 28 degrees.
Lando: Power Blasts recharge time has been changed from 17 to 16 seconds.
General: Skirmish: A new mode, Skirmish, is now available for all players.