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ZIP Codes designate delivery routes and areas.As a panasonic lumix dmc-zr1 user manual rule, each Post Office Box has it's own ZIP4 Code.A ZIP4 Code uses the basic five-digit code plus four additional digits to identify a small delivery segment such as a street, a city block, a group of apartments, or even an individual address that receives a high volume of mail.Not all usps deliverable addresses have a ZIP4 Code assigned to them.For example, if a letter is received with a ZIP Code of 47722, the usps can know that it's in Indiana (4 it's in Vanderburgh county (77 and it's in the area of the University of Evansville (22).This is far more numerical precision than actual geograhic reality.If a region has a main town or city, the usps will often assign it the first ZIP Codes.The "Fast Lane" Answer, welcome to the riveting world of ZIP Codes!This article is a brief and straightforward introduction to the topic; we get your feet wet with some cool facts so that you can impress all your friends with your vast knowledge of the US postal system, without taking too much of your time.Since a degree of latitude is about 62 miles, one one-hundredth.62 miles, Similarlly, for the populated places in the US, a degree of latitudes is less than 65 miles.The "ZIP" in ZIP Code stands for "Zone Improvement Plan and they were invented basically wii internet manager full version to make the postman's job easier.Page numbers are provided for easy reference for countries that have an Individual Country Listing.Other Sources of zipcode information: Placenames (Cities, towns, geographic features) can be found at US Geological Survey.The 4 on the ZIP Code is often the last four digits of the box number, zero plus the last three digits of the box number, or, if the box number is less than 4 digits, zeros followed by the box number.
The first three digits of a ZIP Code together usually indicate the sectional center facility to which that ZIP Code belongs.

Gnis Dataset, the IRS has additional data fields for 2008 and is reviewing their publication procedures for later years.Some sectional center facilities have multiple three-digit codes assigned to them.Similarly, areas without regular postal routes (rural route areas) or areas with no mail delivery (undeveloped areas are not assigned ZIP Codes.Zip codes represent delivery routes for the post office.Because of this, ZIP Code "areas" can overlap, be contained within another ZIP Code, or have no geographic area.They are based on sparse delivery routes, so the boundary between ZIP Code areas there is indefinite.
Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska 7, arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas 8, arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming 9, alaska, American Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon, Palau, Washington, Army Post Office Pacific, Fleet Post Office Pacific.